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Travel and Relationships – Why should you marry a girl who loves travelling?

March 3, 2017

Spend  your  life with a girl who loves travelling, who is free from outside control, bold  and strong desire can be so thrilling.  Fall in love with a girl who loves to travel around, because  She is different, one step closer to finding her motivation or purpose in life.

How incredible it is be with her! And I know because I’m one of them. Girls like me are strong, bold,  ambitious  and I know the ride’s not going to be simple with her. She is the only person you would need in your life.  We often think that travel and relationships just won’t work out.

Here are a few reasons why  you should  date a girl who is bitten by wanderlust.

She knows herself:

A girl who loves  travelling would know herself, her inner voice and would not question herself. She is very much aware of her shortcomings, qualities and needs. she knows in case you’re the correct person or not. She knows how to live and would teach you too. Life would be truly miraculous if you find someone like her.

She is foolhardy:

An awesome thing about wanderlust girl  is that they are ready  for anything. In the event that you need to take her out for something new, she won’t step back. Or maybe, she would be happy and surprise . From  dates to long drive, she’ll ready  to get into her boots.

She’ll always be Curious & interesting:

She would be very interested to think about you and everything about your life. If you love to travelling , then you would like to go  with interesting people. If you’re going to choose to spend your life with one girl, why not one of them?

She is an entertainer:

If you love a girl who loves travelling, then you would not be bored at any moment. She will always have great, incredible, exciting and new stories that would keep you revived for life.

She is courageous and independent:

Its not easy to step out of one’s comfort zone and enter at a new,strange place. These girls trust on themselves. They are brave, confident and courageous. They aren’t hesitant to attempt different taste with strangers.

She is a good communicator & bold:

As she travels a lot, she is open-minded, she is liberal. This makes it simpler for her to understand new peeps and understand them. She would be a very good listener and would try to help you in each condition. She would not give up.


Her Shared experiences

Shared experiences are the things that bring us together and keep us together.

She isn’t demanding at all:

She’ll be more excited for a travel photograph from her trip rather than other expensive gifts, on her birthday .

She’ll always surprise you

Her crazy ideas will keep surprise you,  just to keep you on the edge of your seat!

You were brought together

There’s a good chance that one or more of these ideas is what brought you together in the first place.

She is a let-go-happy person:

She would love to be joyful and would get excited with small surprises & changes in life. She would love making the travels romantic and enjoyable for you! She loves to enjoy life and would make sure that her significant other also takes pleasures out of the life.

She won’t settle for the same ole.

She loves new places, cultures, cuisines and adventures. A well-travelled girl loves to try new and exciting things and does everything she can to break away form routine. So if you are a creature of habit, you’ll have to say goodbye to her.


The experience you can share with your children

Yeah Of course, this assumes you want children, but if not, just adopt someone else’s kids and teach them instead !

A simple dinner date would be enough

Wining and dining is something she loves.  Sip on wine while sitting next to you, under the stars, enjoying the sound of river flowing nearby.



There’s no such thing as a lazy weekend with her.

Every weekend will be booked for a new place . You don’t have to worry about planning , because she will take care of everything!


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