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Top 10 Countries Indian can visit/travel without a visa.

December 1, 2016

Have An Indian Passport? You Can Travel To 58 Countries Without A Visa. The following countries can be visited by Indians for tourism purposes, subject to certain conditions, with a indian passport, but without a visa or visa-on-arrival access for Indian passport holders. India currently ranks at 59 and allows all Indian passport holders to travel to 58 foreign countries without a visa or via visa on arrival.

1 – Sri Lanka

Visa Requirement: Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA)
Condition: 30 days

2 – Nepal

Visa Requirement: Freedom of movement
Condition: Indian citizens may live and work freely in Nepal under the terms of the 1950 lndo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship

3 – Kenya


Visa Requirement: Visa on arrival

Condition: 3 months


4 – Bolivia


Visa Requirement: Visa on arrival

Condition: 90 Days


5 – Madagascar


Visa Requirement: Visa on arrival

Condition: 90 days


6 – Nauru


Visa Requirement: Visa on Arrival


7 – Somalia


Visa Requirement: Visa on Arrival
Condition: 30 days, provided an invitation letter issued by the sponsor has been submitted to the Airport Immigration Department at least 2 days before Arrival


8 – Thailand


Visa Requirement: Visa on Arrival

Condition: 15 day Visa fee of 1000 Thai Baht needs to be paid in Thai currency. Visa on Arrival has to be obtained at First point of Entry: landing not the Final Destination


9 – Indonesia


Visa Requirement: Visa on Arrival

Condition: 30 days


10 – Bahrain


Visa Requirement: eVisa


Country Wise List

Country Type
Bahrain eVisa
Bhutan No Visa
Bolivia Visa on Arrival
Cambodia Visa on Arrival
Cape Verde Visa on Arrival
Comoros Visa on Arrival
Cote d’Ivoire eVisa
Djibouti Visa on Arrival
Dominica No Visa
Ecuador No Visa
El Salvador No Visa
Ethiopia Visa on Arrival
Fiji No Visa
Gabon eVisa
Georgia eVisa
Grenada No Visa
Guinea-Bissau Visa on Arrival
Guyana Visa on Arrival
Haiti No Visa
Indonesia Visa on Arrival
Jamaica No Visa
Jordan Visa on Arrival
Kenya eVisa
Laos Visa on Arrival
Madagascar Visa on Arrival
Maldives Visa on Arrival
Mauritania Visa on Arrival
Mauritius No Visa
Micronesia No Visa
Moldova eVisa
Myanmar eVisa
Nepal No Visa
Palau Visa on Arrival
Rwanda eVisa
Saint Kitts and Nevis No Visa
Saint Lucia Visa on Arrival
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines No Visa
Samoa Permit on Arrival
São Tomé and Príncipe eVisa
Senegal Visa on Arrival
Seychelles Visa on Arrival
Somalia Visa on Arrival
Sri Lanka No Visa but special permit required
Tanzania Visa on Arrival
Thailand Visa on Arrival
Togo Visa on Arrival
Timor-Leste Visa on Arrival
Trinidad and Tobago No Visa
Tuvalu Visa on Arrival
Uganda Visa on Arrival
Vanuatu No Visa
Zambia eVisa
Zimbabwe eVisa
Bhutan No Visa
Hong Kong No Visa
Antartica Visa on Arrival
South Korea No Visa
FYRO Macedonia No Visa
Svalbard No Visa
Montserrat No Visa
Turks & Caicos Islands No Visa

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