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Sialkot Represents Pakistan in FIFA World Cup as a Largest Quality Exporter of Footballs

November 30, 2018

Weird! Pakistan is the largest exporter of footballs in FIFA world cup.  One City in Pakistan Sialkot Makes Nearly Half of the World’s Soccer Balls.

India’s neighbor country Pakistan is known for its Islamic population. But you will feel wonderful to know that Pakistan is the larger exporter of football in FIFA world cup. This might be shocking news for you because Pakistan is widely known and famous for other reasons.

Larger Exporter of Football..

Pakistan holds 198th rank among other countries of the world and this nation is not participating in the mega events of the universe. Pakistan exports about 40 million footballs annually. According to the Ministry of Commerce, the value of the exports was 122 million in the dollar in 2017-18. It is 10 percent higher than in 2016-17.

Pakistan Role in FIFA World Cup

When millions of football lovers cheer their favorite team on the ground of FIFA match, Pakistan citizens have special reason to rejoice. Pakistani’s famous footballs uses in the World cup matches since years ago. At the time of FIFA world cup match, over 200 million Pakistani’s feel their presence in this mega event without participating in it.


Sialkot Manufacturer

The company who manufacture footballs for the FIFA is located on the outskirts of northeastern Sialkot city. Here workers of a local sports company are working extra hours to ensure on-time delivery and demands of the footballs.

This city borders India and it has been famous for manufacturing finest quality sports materials and goods. This city of Pakistan has been supplying footballs for mega events for a long time.

Producing footballs in this type of mega-events has actually earned a huge respect and recognition for Pakistan. India has never got the chance of making the match ball for world’s largest football tournament.

If we talk about the manufacturing of footballs in India, there is a lack of capacity, dearth of skilled labor and poor infrastructure.

Century-old Manufacturer

Pakistan is a hub of football and soccer ball production. Its origin is dated back to British colonial times. When Britons were eager to play soccer and do not want to spend time waiting for shipments of balls to arrive by sea. Then, British sergeant asked a Sialkoti saddle maker to repair his punctured soccer ball in 1889. He was highly impressed by Sialkoti saddle maker works and put in an order for a batch of balls to be made. Since 1982, Sialkot manufactured ball was used in the World cup tournament.

At this time, More than 100 firms produce footballs in this city, a city where 1.6 million people reside. China and East Asia are the top competitors of Pakistani footballs.

Demand for Pakistani Footballs

A leading Sialkot sports manufacturer stated that over the phone Adidas picked Pakistan over China for FIFA 2018 world cup. Adidas has supplied the official match ball for all FIFA world cup matches since 1970.

It is really a great and proud thing for Pakistani’s that their nation is the largest provider of Footballs in the world cup. This well-known fact about Pakistan makes this country so proud at International platform.


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