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Planning to get a Tattoo? Meet Best tattoo artist Aarti Takroo & You will Never Regret It !

June 30, 2017

She is a traveller, learner, artist—follow Aarti Takroo as she explores tattoos, new lands, and cultures.

Moving around the world (by plane, train, bus) with a camera &  tattoo machines .

She believes that there is always something new to learn about this industry and she finds herself spending a lot of  time in learning as much as she can from life, travel and any media. She loves the challenge of providing clients with a piece of art they love, and are proud to wear by bringing their ideas to life. The artwork always comes first for her, and she continues to try and find time in her day to sit down and paint.

A good tattoo artist should have social skills and should be professional, polite & talented. So, make an appointment for a consultation, & take in your ideas for your tattoo.


Does tattoo hurt?
Yes, but not as badly as you think that will. Some areas hurt over others, but it’s  tolerable. The simplest thing to do is focus on something. . It also helps to think about other things than a needle in your arm — take a friend to speak to if you want, or make conversation with your tattoo artist or listen some music.



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