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Mount Abu – A Hill Station in Rajasthan Where Sun Sets with Happiness

April 3, 2017

Mount Abu is an ideal place for trekking, to study the flora and fauna, animal and bird life. Some of the important nature trails are Tiger Path, Watch Tower, Adventure Activities , Campfire.

A brilliant start to this year with an amazing trip to Mount Abu.  A very well arranged trip of 3 days & 2 nights which included New Year celebrations in it. We visited Mount Abu, A beautiful hill station located at Gujarat -Rajasthan border. Though our trip was advance planned with Navigatio

The ancient name of Mount Abu is Arbudaanchal. In the Puranas, the region has been referred to as Arbudaranya (“forest of Arbhuda”) and ‘Abu’ is a diminutive of this ancient name. It is believed that sage Vashistha retired to the southern spur at Mount Abu following his differences with sage Vishvamitra. There is another mythology according to which a serpent named “Arbuda” saved the life of Nandi – Lord Shiva’s bull. The incident happened on the mountain which is currently known as Mount Abu and so the mountain is named “Arbudaranya” after that incident which gradually became Abu.

The trip was organised seeing the convenience of all kids and adults with lots of fun activities, exploring the place, and unlimited party with full on music and dance.

Travel options (How to reach) & Distance :

Delhi to Mount abu distance ( around 770 km)

By Train

Mount Abu railway station is well-connected to different cities in India like New Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The Abu Road Railway station lies on the long Delhi-Ahmedabad railway line. ( Overnight journey)

By Air:

Dabok Airport is the nearest domestic airport from Mount Abu which is located in Udaipur is approximately 185 kilometres away from the city.

By Bus:

Many government  (Rajasthan State Transport Corporation) buses operate from nearby cites to Mount Abu.

Day 1:

Next day morning we arrived at Abu Road Station and booked the taxi to reach our destination (Camp site) , after 1-2 hour driving from Abu road Station to Arna camp site, we reached our venue located on hills of Mount Abu, A beautiful place to stay . On the very first day of reaching we received a well-organised welcome breakfast Rajasthani & Gujrati . Post breakfast adventure sports such as climbing, river crossing, zip lining and few other sports were arranged. Adventure sports were followed by the lunch which had the mix of both Rajasthani and Gujrati flavors. Appropriate rest time was also allocated before dinner so that the entire group could be comfortable for the night trek post dinner. Night trek was a beautiful experience and had a clear visibility to sky with unlimited stars to watch.

Day 2:

On the second day the trip was planned towards the sightseeing combining of Dilwara Temple, Nakki Lake, Toad Rock, Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple, Toad Rock, Brahmakumaris Shantivan, Arbuda Devi Temple, Luna Vasahi Temple and many more. The day was so well planned that we were able to see the sunset just the perfect time. The last sunset of the going year and tell that its OK to go down with the time but the courage lies in rising again. The ending of the day was just perfect with the night trek done once again till Watch Tower and star gazing and to add on it there was just a well-planned New Year celebration.

Day 3:

On the third day of the trip and the first day of the year it was a great luck to see the first sun rise of the year. A New Year, with new day and with new dreams and new motivations. After seeing the sunrise and having breakfast sadly we had to check out of the camp and announce the ending of our trip.

But one thing surely needs to be appreciated that in the trip the needs, demands and wishes of the people traveling were tried to be fulfilled to its maximum extent possible. Indeed a very well organized trip.


we booked a camping site “Aarna Wild” The Campsite. Situated at a prime location of the hill station threshold and offering a breathtaking panoramic view of hills, valleys and thick foliage all around. The Campsite is cool, comfortable and peaceful place which offers all the modern amenities and ideal for those who come to relax & rest. Surrounded with lush green Forest and beautiful landscaping, it presents the quiet and tranquil ambience of sublime significance.

The Campsite organizes night safaris, trekking, Night Trekking , rock climbing and mountaineering activities for nature lovers and is a perfect place to enjoy the thrill and adventure in the forest.

Adventure seekers can find their adventure through camping in the forest of mount Abu. Travellers can go two-way camping options which are pure wild camping in tents in the middle of the forest (No Electricity and Toilet) and Camping in tents with proper bathroom facilities and Electricity.Camping organiser provides Meals which includes High tea, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Where you find mix range of menu of Gujarati and Rajasthani food… Beside that the real fun can bring through the adventure activities like Trekking, Rappelling, Tarzan swing, ladder climbing, riding ETV bike and team building activity. The best part is Night Trekking where you can walk in the forest holding torches in your hand observing each sound carefully and enjoying skies full of stars. Maybe you get the chance to see a bear and other wild animals. Before you end your day at camping you can have pleasant time seating near the bonfire with other travellers by having a chit chat and sharing your travelling experience with them.

Places to Visit in Mountt Abu – Mt Abu Sightseeing

1. Nakki Lake

One of the most romantic spots in this place is the lake Nakki. This lake has links to the mythologies of Hindu religion. The lake is surrounded by hills and is said to have derived its name from various gods digging the earth with their nails Apart from religious elements, this lake is the best place to have an early morning or evening picnic.There are a lot of trekking spots near this lake as well as water related activities near this lake where visitors have the options take a ride in small rowing boats or swan-shaped pedal boats. Apart from these, there are a few monuments, restaurants and hotels nearby.

2. Guru Shikar

Guru Shikar is the highest peak in Mount Abu. Located at a height of 1722 metres, Guru Shikhar is the highest peak of Aravali mountains.It is also an important tourist destination as it gives a panoramic view of the whole place and has nature filled the serene atmosphere.

3. Dilwara Temple

The famous Jain Temple is another attraction of Mount Abu. Located in the village Dilwara which is much nearby to Mount Abu is an excellent example of the skill of the craftsmen and unbelievable architecture. The carvings on the marbles, pillars are to be seen in the temple constructed during the 11th and 12th century.

4. Sunset Point

The Sunset Point is a great place to spend a quiet evening and see the sun disappear into the oblivion. Although the crowd can get irritating on weekends here and especially if its new year’s eve, but the sunset makes up for it.

5. Adhar Devi Temple

It takes 365 stairs to reach this cave temple dedicated to Goddess Durga. At the very top, the air is placid and the view delightful. The temple, in itself, is a smallish cave in the mountain but is extremely popular with devotees and tourists alike. It is located about 3 km from Mount Abu leaving aside the rigour of the climb.

The whole journey was beautiful and we had awesome memories of this place and 2-3 days are enough to explore complete Mount Abu.

Thanks to all travellers for making the New Year so special. 

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