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Humbagpackers – Safarnama of Vikas Gupta Traveller and Photographer

January 7, 2017

Humbagpackers  by Vikas Gupta, Voyager and Photographer  from Delhi. He grew up by the travel bug and spends his time in photography. Working as a Freelance Photographer.  Exploring and experiencing the most Beautiful, Cultural and Adventurous places of the India.

When i first met him he was very quiet and very shy in nature and He Is…..He loves trekking, Hiking, Football and travelling .

In his own word “Humbagpackers” means  all Bagpackers around can join him ( A travel group).

“He believe in sharing his Travel experiences and explorations through photos. For him in every Photo there is a Story to narrate; it must convey the strong message to the viewers. Vikas is very good writer also. He click to define all travelogues and promote to conserve “Nature and Culture heritage”. All these pictures are about varieties of Cultures, Places and people co-habiting in one BIG WORLD. He love to encourage the young generation to travel and live beyond their dreams. He believe the only Difference between the Photographer and common man is the way to see the world, an eye to see the beauty beyond normal things and expand the belief of what is Possible.


In his words:“Anyone can explore and Experience the beauty of the world through someone other’s Eye”
His work is known by many people and featured on the Blog Humbagpackers

Some  Quotes By Vikas (Humbagpackers)

Baadal ke Ruye ki Tarha ..
Zindagi ke uss Dhuye ki Tarha ..
Dil m dar liye chal rhe the ki Manzil Paas thi Par kahi fir se Do raahe na Mil jaaye . . .
Zindagi Rangmanch Hai …


Naya saal uss paar tha .. Naya safar bhi uss paar tha .
Sab kuch naya hone wala tha aisa lag raha tha ..!!
Par … Par log .. Log vaise hi the …
Pareshaan dimaag , bhaagte chehere or unkey Adhuure Sapnay .


Uss ek sham ka khel ..
Jab vo hamare sath nhi the .
Yaadain thi bs unki aur ye ..
RANGEEN aasmaan …


Safar aur khel ki baatain karte karte ..
Zindagi chalti rahi …
Aur kab Safar hi Khel ban gaya pata hi ni chala .


Uski vo chaal tab jake samjh ayi ..
Jab zindagi ne dikha diye the uske saare matlabi andaaz .
Matlab — hum unn saari chizo k sath janme hai .. Jo hume humare sapno k kareeb leke jaa sake .
Toh ab jab itna jee hi lia h toh thoda aur sahi .
Bs itna hi ki rukna nhi …


Darna nahi dil …
Ayga ek din
Sab sahi hoga Jis Din …



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  • Reply humbagpackers January 7, 2017 at 6:16 pm

    Thank you Neer For supporting me ..and i know you always will .? The most positive person i have ever met . More power to you miss .

    • Reply Neer Rajora January 12, 2017 at 1:52 pm

      Welcome Vikas…. Good luck to you as you continue to learn and grow . I have no doubt that you will make all of us proud in your role!

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