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Have you ever missed few moments so much that it hurts?

March 17, 2018

Who said that you shouldn’t look back? I believe it’s alright, recalling the past is the main thing you can do to keep those person alive in your soul, isn’t?

You will do whatsoever to recover those moments. You will desperately search for alterations to avoid the hurt of bearing the variations throughout your life, just because more or less the person you’ve loved either changed or gone. What’s more, nobody to take the blame because the fact that you realize that life works that way? Indeed, even a text msg can make their voices in your mind, a song can impact you to recall their commitments, and a place can make you truly feel those minutes.

You know surely that a presence will be displaced by an absence.

yet you will never be prepared for the feelings you have when your loved ones are walking out on you or leaving your side.

Truth is, most of the time, you don’t miss the person nor the memories; you miss your old selves instead.

When you miss those past times worth remembering, it is the sign you are not satisfied with your present circumstance at the present moments.

It has nothing to do with person you’ve lost, it’s about you.

Once in a while, when people feel heart-break, they point the finger at some outside factors which previously they believe they understand that really, they are simply the ones who made the sadness itself; that is a natural and ordinary response for person to survive. At that point, you will state that you miss the person so much, meanwhile in all actuality; you are not very happy with yourself at this moment.

Perhaps at this moment, you are carrying on with the life that you don’t really love. you start to live your life in view of other’s opinions, you’ve been disheartened by a few people, or possibly, you expect extremely from the life itself.

Those nostalgia moments are really the way your core self needs to tell you that actually, something isn’t right in your life at this moment. You need to understand that no one can bring back those positive feelings but you!! Yourself. Find what influences you to slip your past, discover your genuine interests so you have a comment as opposed to desolate your present life., find new places that make your heart blows faster because of new energy and excitement, and discover a few people that can bring the same or even improved happiness than those loved one who have already gone.

Keep in mind that you will just own this day once in your life; don’t make your future self to regret those days you’ve spent in living the past. There are a huge number of people sitting tight to meet the ‘future you’ out there and they are the ones who will make some great experiences for the very long time ahead. You ought to be so lively making new memories until the point that you don’t miss the old ones.

I know it’s simpler said than done.

I know those memories are your comfort zones, those past times worth remembering are your eternity safe to feel secure and happy. Yet, you have to understand that those person, those person who have already gone, can live without you happily and you can do it as well. You can keep those person you loved near to your heart, but don’t forget to possess your life at this correct moment.

Toward the day’s end, you know you’re in good shape when you end up uninterested in thinking or looking back.


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