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Fly – Just 2 , Song You should listen to right now

April 30, 2017

Just 2, a well renowned Pop/RnB duo in New York City is back! Previously, we saw the two totally remake the classic “Laila Main Laila” in English. We had the pleasure to cover them in our last post JUST 2: NEW YORK BAND HITTING….

The boys received global acclaim, especially in India. However, the biggest acclaim they could have got, was from the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan himself. Shah Rukh Khan retweeted an article written about them from a separate media outlet and complemented their artistry and fresh take on the classic.

Since their re-introduction and success after Laila, we were anxious to see what they have planned next. And now they have come with FLY – JUST 2 . After a huge success and a splendid response from the viewers, the duo decided to compose their original song (and album) for their fans, which is a blend of pop and hip hop, with a strong acoustic riff.

The video is a very entertaining one, with smooth vocals, great musical arrangement with great direction and performances! The boys also have a strong talent of acting (along with the rest of the cast) and it can be seen in this one, in which they play bullied nerds trying to impress two girls that seem out of their league. Their use of special effects adds to the comedic element of the video, as well as their dancing. The two have done it again, and have proven that their original work deserves applause.

Fly is also the lead single in their new album. The album has an eclectic and diverse sound, yet staying true to their blend of Pop/RnB, as well as traditional Indian/South Asian music. Check out their album listed below, as well as their other social media pages!

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    […] Their use of film and story telling is what sets them apart in their music videos. There is impressive direction and filmmaking demonstrated in several of their projects, as well as impressive performing skills. They can take classic Bollywood renditions and transform it into a totally original work, along with entertaining story-telling videos. Along with their South Asian influences, they have a clear Western sound in their music. With this spectacular blend of East meets West, Just 2 is guaranteed to hit the global music scene in a big way. Their latest take on Shah Rukh Khan’s “Laila Main Laila” from Raees is already taking the internet by storm, as well as their previous renditions Challa (Shahrukh Khan Tribute) which were well appreciated in India, and all over the globe. We look forward to what they have to do next. In the meantime, enjoy what they have released! […]

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